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Medium: Solution of growth-stimulating factors (medium 829)

Medium features

Name:Solution of growth-stimulating factors (medium 829)
PH Info: 9.0, NaOH
Is Complex:false
Is Aerobic:false
Is SubMedium:true

Metabolites list

Compounds in the medium listed by their compound names. Gram & Mol amounts are per Liter of medium. Trace metabolites & gases usually do not have amounts

Name Semi unique name Unique Name Gram Amount Mol Amount
isobutyric acid isobutyric acid SEED-cpd01711### 5.00 0.06
H2O H2O SEED-cpd00001### null null
Caproic acid Caproic acid SEED-cpd01113### 2.00 0.02
Valeric acid Valeric acid SEED-cpd00597### 5.00 0.05
3-methylbutyric acid 3-methylbutyric acid 3-methylbutyric acid# 5.00 0.05
NaOH Sodium hydroxide SEED-cpd09244### null null
Succinic acid Succinic acid SEED-cpd00036### 6.00 0.05
2-methylbutyric acid 2-methylbutyric acid 2-methylbutyric acid# 5.00 0.05

Seed Metabolites list

All SEED compounds in the medium, listed with molar concentrations (mol/L). Some SEED compounds appear in multiple compound names in the 'metabolite list' -- here, they are combined for final molar concentrations.

Seed ID Name Mol Concentration
cpd00001 H2O 1.0
cpd01711 Isobutyrate 0.05747126436781609
cpd01113 Hexanoate 0.017391304347826087
cpd00036 Succinate 0.05172413793103448
cpd09244 Sodium hydroxide 0.0
cpd00597 Valerate 0.04950495049504951

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