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Medium: SPIRILLUM medium

Medium features

Name:SPIRILLUM medium
PH Info: 6.8
Is Complex:true
Is Aerobic:false
Is SubMedium:false

Metabolites list

Compounds in the medium listed by their compound names. Gram & Mol amounts are per Liter of medium. Trace metabolites & gases usually do not have amounts

Name Semi unique name Unique Name Gram Amount Mol Amount
MgSO4 x 7 H20 Magnesium sulfate SEED-cpd00048#cpd00254## 1.00 0.00
MnSO4 x H2O MnSO4 SEED-cpd00030#cpd00048## 2.00E-3 1.18E-5
Distilled water H2O SEED-cpd00001### null null
(NH4)2SO4 Ammonium sulfate SEED-cpd00013#cpd00048## 1.00 0.01
Succinic acid Succinic acid SEED-cpd00036### 1.00 0.01
Peptone Peptone rich-peptone# 10.00 null
FeCl3 x 6 H2O Iron chloride SEED-cpd00099#cpd10516## 2.00E-3 7.41E-6

Seed Metabolites list

All SEED compounds in the medium, listed with molar concentrations (mol/L). Some SEED compounds appear in multiple compound names in the 'metabolite list' -- here, they are combined for final molar concentrations.

Seed ID Name Mol Concentration
cpd00001 H2O 1.0
cpd00030 Mn2+ 1.182382500738989E-5
cpd00099 Cl- 2.223045572434235E-5
cpd00254 Mg 0.0040477636106051405
cpd10516 fe3 7.410151908114117E-6
cpd00036 Succinate 0.008620689655172414
cpd00013 NH3 0.015151515151515152
cpd00048 Sulfate 0.011635345011370106

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