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Medium:  For DSM 22112

Medium features

Name: For DSM 22112
PH Info: 7.3
Is Complex:true
Is Aerobic:true
Is SubMedium:false

Metabolites list

Compounds in the medium listed by their compound names. Gram & Mol amounts are per Liter of medium. Trace metabolites & gases usually do not have amounts

Name Semi unique name Unique Name Gram Amount Mol Amount
Peptone from casein Tryptone rich-peptone# 17.00 null
K2HPO4 di Potassium hydrogen phosphate SEED-cpd00009#cpd00205## 2.50 0.01
Distilled water H2O SEED-cpd00001### null null
Glucose D-Glucose SEED-cpd00027### 2.50 0.01
Peptone from soymeal Peptone from soy rich-peptone# 3.00 null
NaCl NaCl SEED-cpd00099#cpd00971## 5.00 0.09
N2 N2 SEED-cpd00528### null null

Seed Metabolites list

All SEED compounds in the medium, listed with molar concentrations (mol/L). Some SEED compounds appear in multiple compound names in the 'metabolite list' -- here, they are combined for final molar concentrations.

Seed ID Name Mol Concentration
cpd00001 H2O 1.0
cpd00971 Na+ 0.08620689655172414
cpd00009 Phosphate 0.014367816091954023
cpd00528 N2 0.0
cpd00027 D-Glucose 0.013888888888888888
cpd00099 Cl- 0.08620689655172414
cpd00205 K+ 0.028735632183908046

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